Products & Services

We offer comprehensive drug & alcohol screening services as well as other value added services for motor carriers and owner-operator’s.

Controlled Substance Screening Services

  • Full Service Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium
  • ​ Drug & Alcohol Education / Certification  
  • ​ NIDA, Non-NIDA, SAMSHA, BAT Screening
  • ​ Government (SAMHSA)-certified laboratory analysis
  •  US-DOT Approved Laboratory ​
  • Certified PUC, Collection Site and Consulting ​
  • Alternative Testing, Hair, Saliva, Urine
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) service for every result 
  • Referral to Substance Abuse Professionals
  • Computer-generated random test selections
  • Automatic blind sample submission
  • Pre-printed and bar-coded Federal and Non-Federal Custody and Control Forms
  • Electronic and/or fax test results reporting (negative results only)
  • Fast turn around time
  • Certified Professional Collectors and Certified Professional Collector Trainers on staff
  • Proud Member of DATIA

Value Added Services

We also offer the following value added services for motor carriers, transportation companies, and individual owner-operator’s, making the overall experience very convenient.

  • Meet all PUC Compliance Requirements
  • PUC Consulting
  • Obtaining CA#
  • USDOT#
  • SSRS-Single State Registration
  • State and Federal Hazmat Licensing
  • Form 2290-Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
  • Obtain EIN or Tax ID#
  • Employee Drug & Alcohol Education
  • DOT & PUC Supervisors Training and Certification